Today is my birthday

Yes indeedy, today is my birthday, I am 29 years old. I still act like a young teen, try to take that away from me and I’m running away from home. I wish I was done running, well the reality is that I have stopped but tomorrow I move to Vancouver to join the new marketing team. Alyssa has gone snowboarding in Whistler which is awesome. I wish I was going snowboarding.

I have a lot on my mind right now. Most of all is the fact that Alyssa will be back here in Montreal and I’ll be in Vancouver. I am back for Passover in April so it’s not going to seem that long I hope. I will speak to you every day my dear.

Work is stressful. I am waiting patiently for the day when I can become a resident in Canada. I am working hard, I have great ideas and most importantly of all I make the company money. I am more than safe in the job. Why am I stressed about work? I don’t know.

I am really tired now. I just got back to my box apartment and spoke to some friends on messenger. I am just lying here. I want to write but I want to sleep. I am really struggling here.

SO today is my birthday, I am 29. Alyssa got me a sweet Napoleon Dynamite talking figure and a rad Dr Pepper tee shirt (“I’m a pepper” printed on it). Go google Quebec and pepper… Here are some definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

  • A unilingual, separatist french “Canadian”. Quebec’s answer to rednecks -Â see PEPSI. A working class Quebecer with blue collar style, taste, and tendancies.A job at Canada Post would be a pepper’s dream, or winning the lottery and buying a trans am.
  • A unilingual, militant Quebec Francophone with a limited intellect and a perpetual inferiority complex. “Yeah,” said Jeff, “so then that goddammed pepper started spouting his neo-fascist PQ bullshit at me. That’s when I kicked him in the beanbag and told him to learn English like the rest of the civilized world.”

I’d like to take this moment to say that I have a few french/canadian friends and that I do not share this outlook, they are cool people.

Ok so moving swiftly along…

I am going to get an hour or two of sleep. I am tired. Je suis tres fatigue. Sorry, work bought me an american laptop not a french canadian one so no accents on that. Ciao.

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