Today we’ll be going K2

Today I am installing K2, fun fun fun. Check it later. You are so behind the times. It’s done already.

Also added caching to the Flickr RSS plugin, now it loads a hell of a lot faster. I’m trying to remember what else is needed from the last theme, meh, regardless, it’s great to see a stable theme in place. Now if only I can actually have the “add” button work on the K2 sidebar modules options page.

I am happy to announce that I can now support the video embeds listed below. Alas, I have deprecated the use of the YouTube category and changed it to “vlogging“.

  • youtube
  • google
  • sevenload
  • clipfish
  • myvideo
  • revver
  • metacafe
  • yahoo
  • myspace
  • ifilm
  • brightcove
  • aniboom

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