Wack UK TV

Oh crap, “Blade II” (official movie site, I didn’t know they still maintained these) has just started on TV, I wanted to write a quick post about a UK TV show “Celebrity Big Brother“, I might watch this movie, even though I know it’s a bit of a stinker but you should know by now that I’m a Marvel geek so yes, I’ll be watching this movie now. Maybe I’ll write about “Celebrity Big Brother” later.

housemate_dirk_185.jpgWhen they use the term celebrity, they really are using it very loosely. The only thing they have going for it is that one of my old school heroes is on the show. Dirk Benedict play Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck (AKA Face) on the A-Team. That show was dope but man is the guy a bore on TV! Apparently he cured himself of Prostate cancer with some weird macrobiotic diet. Nice one Dirk.

So remember, if you have a problem, and nobody else can help, maybe you can appear on “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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