Web development on a Mac

Have I told anyone recently how I switched to a Mac for all my application and web development? I’ll list a few projects and I’ll give you a quick overview of what I am doing and how I am doing it.

  • Ad Server development – running locally, serving file from localhost, developing plugins and skins.
  • WordPress development – again, running locally and being served from localhost, making/changing/hacking plugins and themes.
  • We site development – you guessed it, it’s running locally using PHP and screwing with/tweaking Apacge.

    I’m about to tell you the secret – I’m using MAMP. It’s a little like a LAMP except it’s a Mac which in itself is part of the UNIX operating system family with a hybrid kernel type. So Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP = MAMP. It’s pretty awesome. It has configurable ports, PHP version 4 or 5 availability, Zend Optimizer availability and two choices of PHP accelerator (XCache or eAccellerator).

    I don’t usually drop shameless links (except for that time when I thought it would be cool to monetize this site with stupi text links and sponsored posts, bad idea I know).

    If you tinker with Macs have a peek at MAMP.

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