what’s going on…

I’ve been getting ready to move to Vancouver and I’m a little stressed I won’t lie about that one. I don’t want to go, it sucks. I meet someone then I have to go. Sod’s law. I am a poor unlucky sod, however, we’re gonna make it work out so I shouldn’t be too annoyed as everything will be fine.

Right now I have to book my flight through the company travel agent so that he can fleece us and send me on a shit flight that stops in x amount of places (where x > 1) and get me there on a cheap-ass flight. Nice bunch of people they must save out very profitable compay hundreds of dollars per decade.

The future plan is as follows:

  1. Arrive in Vancouver 5th or 6th.
  2. Not getting a commercial company to move all my crap, instead I will come back again in April for long weekend when there’s a holiday – also invited to Passover at girlfriends parents. Two birds one stone. Killed. Dead. Buried. Can’t wait to be back.
  3. Hotel for 2 weeks (4 weeks max).
  4. Move into said apartment, should be done within two weeks.

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