Will So Long Princess get signed?

It’s obvious that these guys are talented. There’s a market for the music, afterall, who doesn’t like Star Wars? Fashion and Fame come hand in hand and you don’t have to look far past the woe is me emo trend crap to see that geek is chic.

So Long Princess enter stage left. You guys have a lot going for you. Nate’s appearance on Beauty and the Geek gained the band some great initial exposure but his honesty and sincerity definitely earned himself a following.

It’s quite hard to equate Nate as being a geek. There were some serious geeks on that show for real, Nate wasn’t in their class. I consider myself a geek what with my interneck over-interest, playing Socom online and having a past in coding MUDs. Oh dear, probably more than you need to know.

Anyway, watch this space, I anticipate a relatively large record label signing So Long Princess and you’ll see them within a year hitting up the big time. You heard it here first.

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