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I’ve just realised a huge slew of errors (404’s) on my website after looking at the webserver logs. I seems that I screwed up my website’s permalinks by using this as my structure:


I used to have the following according to the high number of 404’s on the website:


Hrm, as you can see, I’ve changed it to the hypen between the month and year. I’ll give it another week and hopefully that will clear up a lot of link issues. I will have to go cover all the bases with some rewrite rules in .htaccess. I would love to find a regexp for the forward slash and change it to the hyphen, thinking cap is on…

EDIT – I’ve reverted to the following method:


I feel that the old posts need to be redirected and it’s more important for the new posts to be displayed correctly. What the heck was I thinking in putting that hyphen in there? I just added 63 lines to my htaccess file :S

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