WordPress Plugins in 2011 with JetPack

A few changes have occurred lately for me and and my self-hosted WordPress adventure.

First of all, “WordPress SEO” (read more here) by Joost de Valk is FAR superior than than “All in One SEO“, it also does the XML sitemap and the SEO (better than all in one). In fact, the SEO is done in a better and more intuitive way with multi-step recommendations.

As for the “AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget“, delete this. It’s pretty terrible because of the JavaScript loading times and the dependency on that JavaScript to be loaded. In my opinion, install WordPress.com’s “JetPack” and put their share widget in there (it’s way better and coming from a better and faster download source).

Can’t beat “Flagrant Disregard’s Feedburner Plugin“, you should be using this.

Must have plugins

  1. Google Analyticator
  2. WordPress SEO
  3. JetPack
  4. Flagrant Disregard’s Feedburner Plugin

TL;DR (summary)

Less plugins are good, because:

  1. less to update
  2. less to debug
  3. less to manage
  4. easier to install again on other WP sites

Installing JetPack will save you a lot of time in the future as Automattic are going to eventually be adding all the good functionality, availability and extensibility of the plugins at WordPress.com.

More about JetPack

Check out JetPack, read more about it on WP Founder Matt Mullenweg’s blog and the ultimately important link.

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