Wow new WordPress and tags work

I’ve been running all the latest WordPress versions and getting all the new and latest tweaked code from the WP SVN for the beta test of 2.3.

Check out the box in the bottom right. Yes, dummie, the one that says testing tags tag cloudage. I’ll most likely change that header for the cloud (in fact I just have) but at least I have a working tag cloud under the latest WordPress version using WordPress native tagging – booya. Stoked. Props to WordPress on the latest version.

Edit: I ran Leeroy Jenkins into this one and forgot to upgrade the plugins. Kids, don’t forget to upgrade your plugins. Oh well, at least I have chicken…

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  1. [quote comment=””]”I ran Leeroy Jenkins into this one…”

    That’s hilarious! :)[/quote]
    Hey Matt, You’re not a WOW fan are you? Kinda funny, but now that you commented on this reminded me that I have to get my guild’s teamspeak/ventrilo hooked up.

    Small things trigger the synapse in my aging brain…

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