WP testers squabbles

wp-testers Digest, Vol 31, Issue 63 has two replies from a guy called Dave who is trying not to single out Lloyd but in reality is spotlighting the poor guy because he admits he is stretched really thin.

Dave brings up a good point that many good people leave community built and inspired projects (like WordPress) because of peer flaming and being shot down by people who have “been around longer”. I like the term “Founder’s Syndrome” – I know all too well about this theory and I can definitely relate to the roles that are played from both ends of the stick. I’ve been the Founder and wielded the mighty Stick of Doom and been the lowly mortal who suffered at the hands of another Immortal’s G-dly stick (sounds kinky).

Anyway, building a project and growing a project in a community means that there should be no room for condescending remarks on tester lists and there should definitely be a feeling that that community fosters newbies. More often than not people learn by their mistakes and screw things up, change their email and start fresh because now they know better.

I would like to rant on about this all morning but I have to do some work.

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