wp_tag_cloud function

That’s the function that you can call from your blog’s sidebar (or anywhere) and it will display any tags you’ve imported or created. you can of course modify it by passing this function parameters There are of course arguments you can specify to this function such as:

  • smallest – Use 8 point font-size when displaying the tag with lowest count value
  • largest – Use 22 point font-size when displaying the tag with highest count value
  • unit – Describes ‘pt’ (point) as the font-size unit for the smallest and largest values
  • number – Display at most 45 tags
  • format – Displays the tags in flat (separated by whitespace) style
  • orderby – Order the tags by name
  • order – Sort the tags in ASCENDING fashion
  • exclude – Exclude no tags
  • include – Include all tags

My only problem with this is that if you use the sidebar widget you can’t pass any parameters. Doh, previously I coded it into a php exec sidebar before the final release of 2.3 but now I used the widget, why not.

The long and short of it is that the widget inclusion needs to have a menu allowing you to enter some parameters. that’s kinda the point of this post, how are you all liking version 2.3?

Da da da da daaaaa, I’m lovin’ it. McLovin it even.

More about the wp_tag_cloud function here from the official WordPress website.

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