You kicked my dog

“You kicked my dog”, check this out. It is playing above but you need sound/audio turned on, you don’t need to watch the movie, it’s all about the sound file.

Script for You Kicked My Dog

Daughter: Hello.
Kerpal: Hello, is Abtar there?
Daughter: Who?
Kerpal: Abtar.
Daughter: Can I ask who’s speaking please?
Kerpal: This is Kerpal.
Daughter: Who?
Kerpal: Kerpal.
Daughter: OK, one moment please. [Daughter calls Abtar…]

Abtar: Hello.
Kerpal: Hello.
Abtar: Hi there.
Kerpal: Hi, I was just calling because I live down the street from you, and your daughter come to my house today and she kick my dog.
Abtar: Pardon?
Kerpal: Your daughter come to my house today,
Abtar: Uh huh
Kerpal: And she come on my property and then she kick my dog. And now my dog needs operation.
Abtar: She kicked your?
Kerpal: She kicked my dog!
Abtar: She kicked your dog?
Kerpal: Yes.
Abtar: Which daughter?
Kerpal: The one who just answered the phone [Abtar checks with his daughter…]
Abtar: No.
Kerpal: What?
Abtar: No.
Kerpal: Yes she did. I saw her. And then I go to I saw her at your house. And, why did she do it?
Abtar: I don’t know. She didn’t said.
Kerpal: She did! She’s lying. She’s lying to you, fking guy!
Abtar: Where, where from you speaking?
Kerpal: I am speaking from my house.
Abtar: Where you live?
Kerpal: Down the street from you.
Abtar: Huh?
Kerpal: You know where I live. My dog, she kicked it and now I’m going to f
k her!
Abtar: [mumbles]… ohhhh, you lie I dunno ..
Kerpal: Don’t lie, you fking guy.
Abtar: Hey . why? Don’t talk like that!
Kerpal: F
k you! You know damn right what she do!
Abtar: Where do you live and who kicked your dog?
Kerpal: Your daughter kicked my dog.
Abtar: Which daughter?
Kerpal: YOU KNOW DAMN RIGHT!!!…….[quietly]…. you bastard

[Mumbling in background, daughter comes back to phone]

Daughter: Hello.
Kerpal: Hello.
Daughter: Yeah?
Kerpal: Why you kick my dog?
Daughter: Hello, can I ask who’s speaking please?
Kerpal: You know damn right! It’s Kerpal. It’s Kerpal.
Daughter: Who’s Kerpal? We don’t know Kerpal.
Kerpal: Yes, you do. You kick my dog today.
Daughter: Dog?!
Kerpal: Dog!
Daughter: We don’t even… No one’s ever been at…
Kerpal: You don’t act stupid. You tell your Dad that I am going to sue him. He is going to go to jail.
Daughter: OK, where the hell do you live?
Kerpal: I live on your street.
Daughter: On my street?
Kerpal: You know!
Daughter: You say that one of us have kicked your dog?
Kerpal: Yes.
Daughter: Where abouts do you live?
Kerpal: You know damn right!!
Daughter: No, we do not know damn right! We don’t even know you.
Kerpal: [under breath] Yes you do.
Daughter: Why? Where the hell do you live?
Kerpal: [under breath] You don’t ask dumb question.
Daughter: Do you live on Marative?
Kerpal: No, you just shut up! You try to confuse! I am going to call the police, and then, you’re going to go to jail.
Daughter: You damn right call the police because we don’t know what the hell…
Kerpal: You do not tell me ‘damn right’. You do not swear at me [under breath] I am going to kill you.
Daughter: You’re going to kill us!?
Kerpal: No, not, I’m just kidding! You just tell your Dad that I am going to get my lawyer and he is going to arrest you!
Daughter: [says to background] I don’t know who the hell he is. [back to Kerpal] OK, you just go ahead, okay, because we don’t know what the fk you’re talking about.
Kerpal: You don’t ever tell me to ‘f
k’! You say bad word!
Daughter: Well you talk to us this way when you have no proof…
Kerpal: Fk you, you, you do not tell me fk you! OK you? You know!
Daughter: Please just get lost okay, because we’re fed up.
Kerpal: F**k you. You are going to jail.
Daughter: We don’t know who the hell you are and you’re phoning us with all these obscene…
Kerpal: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You shut up you!
Daughter: Don’t tell me to shut up, I did not –
Kerpal: Shut up! You stink!
Daughter: Oh, you stink too!
Kerpal: No, you don’t…
Daughter: You stink too!
Kerpal: I do not stink!
Daughter: I think you do!

Kerpal: F**k you, just because I am paki doesn’t mean I stink!

[she hangs up]

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  1. A minor correction:

    “No, not, I’m just kidding! You just tell your Dad that I am going to get my lawyer and he is going to rush you!”

    That shouldn’t be “rush you” should be “arrest you.” Everything else looks good.

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