Vancouver earthquake update

So whatever happened with this big ‘ole Vancouver earthquake that’s supposed to be hitting us? I haven’t heard much in the news recently.

A quake registering 7.3 on the Richter scale was last experienced way back in 1946. A quake of 7.3 is classified as “major” on the Richter scale and can cause serious damage over larger areas. One thing we have to remember is that construction and infrastructure standards have come a long way so I wonder if these scales of magnitude (like Richter or Mercalli) actually take into consideration these new developments? The Richer scale was developed in 1935 and Mercalli in 1902, surely this needs to be updated? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I wish a scientist or geologist would comment on this blog because a lot of people have emailed me and asked me about this. Read the other article.

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  1. During my google searh this article came up and it goes into a small amount of detail about what vancouverites could expect in the event of a quake of greater than 7.0 although it lists no sources to back up its details. From what Ive read the biggest concern would be soil liquification and the breaking of gas and water lines. As well has some great technical info.

  2. [quote comment=”243″]From what Ive read the biggest concern would be soil liquification and the breaking of gas and water lines. [/quote]

    I read the both webpages. I agree that soil liquefaction could be a problem, especially when I take into account the topography of Vancouver and the GV area.

    Anything over 6 on th Richter scale is going to make the condo I live in shake. I’m on the 20th floor so it’s a long way down but I’m safe from flooding and soil movements.

    The quake itself could cause a lot of damage to infrastructure and seeing how Vancouver reacts to a little (sarcasm) wind storm, I’m not encouraged by how it will react.

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