Habs 59fifty New Era Hat

Tim Mason sends me an elaborate fake email, follows up with a heartbreaking IM chat about how New Era can’t get him the Habs 59/50 hat. Then he told me a few minutes later that he was tinkering on my Linux machine in work.

Check out what happened:

Tim says: where did u go for lunch…??
Tim says: got some bad news for you by the way….
Tim says: will forward u the email…
Carlo says: phat
Carlo says: bad news about a certain new era hat?
Tim says: read the email
Carlo says: sent it yet?
Tim says: sorry buddy….
Tim says: i tried
Carlo says: thats BS man.
Carlo says: i appreciate your help. balls.
Tim says: i can call the US rep and see what i can do
Carlo says: i can get it shipped to a US address then sent up here.
Carlo says: my uncle lives in SF.
Tim says: that might work…
Carlo says: So all the Montreal Canadiens hats are in the US?
Carlo says: and… NOT in Canada?
Tim says: yeah they don’t make that style anymore
Tim says: on the yanks where them they said
Carlo says: holy moly
Tim says: lots in USA… not pop in canada for hockey… just baseball and football
Carlo says: yeah, the other hats are wack, if I can’t get that one then its all good. thanks for trying, i know you busted one trying to get it.

He then sent this fake email…


I apologize for this but we won’t be able to get the New Era cap to you as we can not access it. Not too mention that there are issues with the border crossing.

Once again I apologize and hopefully we will be able to introduce a new Montreal hat in the future.


Here’s the rest of the MSN conversation after reading the email:

Tim says: let me ask u a question
Tim says: i was messing around on the back computer
Tim says: the server one that you use…
Carlo says: yeah, did you log in?
Tim says: yeah but it ate my disc….. i put a dvd in there….can’t get it out
Tim says: can u try for me….
Carlo says: weird. i will go fetch.
Carlo says: one sec.
Carlo says: you have a log in for that comp?
Tim says: tmason…. username mase
Tim says: but u might have to shut it off and back on again…
Carlo says: where’d you get the username from?
Tim says: but try and open the disc player
Tim says: kirk
Carlo says: ok.
Carlo says: trying now…

I doddle over to the computer to try and work this out for the mase man, and there’s a box on the computer. I thought “Who left a box on my server”. So I pick it up and there’s something inside. My name is on it, I pop it open and Tim (from here onwards and forever known as) “The Legend” Mason has hooked me up with this hat from New Era via Alabama!


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  1. Stealing the MSN blog chat concept! That’s ok – I get 0.01% per non Carlo Scappatici related msn blog chat related organic search term conversion dollars 🙂

    Great new template too, and yeah Tim and Genius? Errrrmmmm….Tim is super cool anyhow 😉

  2. Tim rules! This is a 4 column K2 theme, I like it. Everyone can see either the entire width or the main body 🙂

    PS. YOu get 0% for mis-spelling my surname 😡

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