Global Earthquake Watch

Many earthquakes occur every day around the world. I’ve written a few articles about Vancouver earthquakes in the past only because the topic presented itself with the worry that was going on in British Columbia at the time.

Now, more that ever I feel inclined to track earthquakes since Haiti and Chile had some pretty devastating mass movements, but also because I now live in Costa Rica, which itself is an earthquake zone (see map below). In fact, we felt the fallout from an earthquake off the coast of Chile just last week.

World Seismic Activity Map

Apart from the US Geological Survey’s latest earthquake site, the best and most concise resource I have found is on Twitter and by following WheresItShaking. These two sites alone can keep me up to date with what’s going on in the world.

At school, I always wanted to get involved with Geology and enjoyed the study of Plate Tectonics. As well as my studies as a Chemist, I won’t ever forget the enjoyment of studying rocks and the earth, most likely because of the fact that the school trips (or at least one of them) were most legendary.

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