Jesus is fake

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Subject: Searching for religion

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I made a big mistake by getting my mates to claim I was G-d’s son. Some people took me too seriously and now I have a shedload of believers that need convincing I was just pulling a stunt.

Can you set me up with a website so I can inform the masses that I am just a dead guy with holes in my hands and being Jewish is the way to go.

I will pay you with very old shekels my Mum gave me when she did the DNA test proving Joseph was my Dad, he nearly killed her over that prank.

I thought this was funny. Then again, my sense of humor is weird.

Global Earthquake Watch

Many earthquakes occur every day around the world. I’ve written a few articles about Vancouver earthquakes in the past only because the topic presented itself with the worry that was going on in British Columbia at the time.

Now, more that ever I feel inclined to track earthquakes since Haiti and Chile had some pretty devastating mass movements, but also because I now live in Costa Rica, which itself is an earthquake zone (see map below). In fact, we felt the fallout from an earthquake off the coast of Chile just last week.

World Seismic Activity Map

Apart from the US Geological Survey’s latest earthquake site, the best and most concise resource I have found is on Twitter and by following WheresItShaking. These two sites alone can keep me up to date with what’s going on in the world.

At school, I always wanted to get involved with Geology and enjoyed the study of Plate Tectonics. As well as my studies as a Chemist, I won’t ever forget the enjoyment of studying rocks and the earth, most likely because of the fact that the school trips (or at least one of them) were most legendary.

HELLA lot of times

“Hella” has been proposed as a new unit for to represent 10 to the 27th power, or, a trillion trillions. Megan Brescini with the original post about Hella’s proposed introduction over Yotta.

Personally, I like gnar gnar bytes the most.

fermion humour

Why do neutrons have no charge when they order a beer?

A neutrino complained to fair trade about the neutron having no charge for beers. the fair trade unit who were investigating the incident asked if it was true and he said he was positive.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

September 29, 1930 – filming began on a movie that would produce one of the most iconic horror characters of all time. It brought to life the fictional character spawned from the ramblings of a drunk Irish man that captivated hypnotized the masses a legend. Bela Lugosi was the best on-screen Dracula – the first point of reference for quite a few that came after.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

Darth Vader plays golf

Jeez, what chance do you have when you slice your drive off the tee and have to contend with this?

useful .htaccess rewrites

# Site has permanently moved to new domain # to RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] # Page has moved temporarily # to RewriteRule ^old_page.html$ new_page.html [R,NC,L] # SEO / Pretty URLs (no query string) # to RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9-]+)/?$ categories.php?name=$1 [L] # Pretty URLs with pagination (no query string) # to RewriteRule ^section/([A-Za-z0-9-]+)/([0-9]+)/?$ section.php?name=$1&page=$2 [L]

Why Page Rank is not useful

I’ve been writing a few threads on an SEO forum over at SitePoint and other places recently and trying to dispel the myth that Page Rank is not as useful as most people think.

When I optimize a website and its pages for search terms it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I check the logs and see that I am getting a large percentage of my traffic from search engines and more importantly from the search terms that I have optimized my pages for.

Google Page Rank is pretty stinky!

I also like to see my site in the top 10 on a SERP for a phrase I am optimizing for.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Google apply a page rank to my sites and pages that reflect my top positioning for the core terms.

  • If I have a site about “blue widgets”, let’s state the following assumptions:
  • the site has the domain or
  • the site has a moderate volume of traffic, nothing to write home about.
  • the site is on page one of Google for the term “blue widgets”
  • the site is #1 for the term “blue widgets” since it is a niche site with no real competition
  • 90% of my traffic is from search engines
  • 80% of the traffic from search engines are from key terms and phrases that I have optimized for, including “blue widgets

I have optimized many sites for myself and for others that fit this framework. What I am finding is that the traffic may be low to moderate in volume but the product or information is being received well, users are clicking on related adverts and everything is looking good with regards to visitors coming to the site because they searched for the right phrases that my site provides information on.

Then Google applies its Page Rank. I get my first Page Rank allocation after a few months. My traffic is growing and the traffic is good and related to what I am discussing/advertising/selling/ranting about. I get a PR of 3, woohoo!!! The next 6 months I get upgraded to Page Rank 4, wow! All that hard work and now I have PR of 4! Then what? My site is making a lot of money from the targeted ads I am using and from Adsense. I am the #1 authority on “blue widgets” globally so I decide to make more localized results and pages for specific countries and hope that my PR grows!

After a year it is still a 4, maybe I’ll get lucky and hit a PR of 5. What next? I can go to advertisers and say, “hey I have a Page Rank of 5 and ummm, I am top of Google for “blue widgets” which is what you sell, oh, and my traffic is growing!” I wonder why they would care about Page Rank in that sentence? It is ultimately useless if you’re getting the targeted traffic from the terms you optimize for.

When you download a browser or when you get a new computer with Internet Exploder pre-installed on a Windows PC (or Safari on a Mac), the lil green bar that represents Page Rank, is it there? Or do you have to download the Google search bar?

I love seeing highly ranked pages based on PR that have garbage content. If you see any, please drop a comment in here.

Absolutely John McCain

Wow, they removed the video. Lame! Nevermind here’s another copy.

“I’m gonna go outside and get myself….
Absolutely John McCain”

Google Mail exceeds 4GB!

A picture is worth a thousand words, or should that be four thousand?

Google mail now with 4GB space