Watch Big Mouth

Big Mouth is cringey and incredibly funny, with a bunch of amazing actors like Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph, Jessi Klein, and John Mulaney.

Jesus is fake

From: Jesus <>

Subject: Searching for religion

Message Body:

I made a big mistake by getting my mates to claim I was G-d’s son. Some people took me too seriously and now I have a shedload of believers that need convincing I was just pulling a stunt.

Can you set me up with a website so I can inform the masses that I am just a dead guy with holes in my hands and being Jewish is the way to go.

I will pay you with very old shekels my Mum gave me when she did the DNA test proving Joseph was my Dad, he nearly killed her over that prank.

I thought this was funny. Then again, my sense of humor is weird.

HELLA lot of times

“Hella” has been proposed as a new unit for to represent 10 to the 27th power, or, a trillion trillions. Megan Brescini with the original post about Hella’s proposed introduction over Yotta.

Personally, I like gnar gnar bytes the most.

fermion humour

Why do neutrons have no charge when they order a beer?

A neutrino complained to fair trade about the neutron having no charge for beers. the fair trade unit who were investigating the incident asked if it was true and he said he was positive.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

September 29, 1930 – filming began on a movie that would produce one of the most iconic horror characters of all time. It brought to life the fictional character spawned from the ramblings of a drunk Irish man that captivated hypnotized the masses a legend. Bela Lugosi was the best on-screen Dracula – the first point of reference for quite a few that came after.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

Darth Vader plays golf

Jeez, what chance do you have when you slice your drive off the tee and have to contend with this?

Absolutely John McCain

Wow, they removed the video. Lame! Nevermind here’s another copy.

“I’m gonna go outside and get myself….
Absolutely John McCain”

Weng Weng is a legend

The kid’s got skills but wait, he aint no kid he’s a fully grown 2″9 man! He’s a secret agent man! Go Weng Weng.

Top 10 Mr T Facts

(Similar to the Chuck Norris Facts)

  1. Mr T is the only person who can pronounce the exclamation mark.
  2. Mr T drives on the right side of the road, no matter where in the world.
  3. Mr T is allergic to doorknobs. Thats why he can only kick through doors.
  4. Mr T is not black, the sun is just too afraid to shine on him.
  5. Mr T took Mother Nature from behind, hence the Big Bang.
  6. Mr T captured all 150 Pokemon. He keeps them in cages in his van.
  7. Mr T once fell into a pool of lava and nearly drowned.
  8. Mr T invented fools. Realizing his mistake, he invented pity.
  9. Mr T doesn’t breath, he pities.
  10. Chuck Norris round house kicked Mr.T, Chuck got owned “PWND!”

I need a replacement for #4, its a bit crap, anyone have any ideas? Which is your favourite?

Post a comment below, thanks!

Couldnt internet market his way out of a wet paper bag

Pro quotes bro.

D says: he couldnt internet market his way out of a wet paper bag
C says: hahaha.
C says: QUOTE of the day: “he couldnt internet market his way out of a wet paper bag”